rachel from north london is a malicious web shill

Friday, September 29, 2006

Rachel McFadyen / North is a serious problem on the net

We are mong many people who believe that Rachel McFadyen aka Rachel From North London is a malicious Vendetta Queen who does nothing on the internet but cause other people trouble. She is a known shill, who spends her time libelling and maligning other people.

She claims she respects other people's rights on the web but she has no respect atall. She abuses and humuliates anyone who disagrees with her, and tries to deny them freedom of speech. She is active on numerous internet sites, where she leaves many abusive messages and nasty comments. She often deletes her messages.

She hides behind protecting bomb survivors who she abandoned to die in the underground, and politics, but her posts are really all about bitching about other people, building a professional writing future on the backs of the bereaved and wounded, and poking fun at others without good grounds to do so.

Rachel McFadyen is known for sending people up to fourty emails in aday, threatening them with all kinds of mad action which she swears will be taken against them unless they agree with her somewhat esoteric views.

Have you been hounded, harassed and given a bad time on the web by this woman?

This website has not been put up to belittle this woman but constitutes a warning about her which hopefully will help people who are her victims.

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